Functional Art,
Functional Mind

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Feria Familiar Funcionarte
Family Fair Funcionarte
Our Family Fair Funcionarte is a family-friendly community event for all people of any age, gender, and race, organized by
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Art Way Workshop
Workshop Artway
Funcionarte Corp develops two art workshops in partnership with Survivors’ Pathway Organization: Growing together is an art workshop to empower
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Fuera de Catálogo
Out of Catalog is a cultural event that combine independent artists not included in commercial circuits by gender, race, cultural,
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"Our mission is to develop functional minds that contribute dynamically and positively in the creation and growth of multicultural, tolerant and inclusive communities for everyone through artistic workshops, and artistic and cultural community events"

Functional Art, Functional Mind

Art has been known to be a dynamic and unifying activity, and it stimulates free expression and contributes to the development of creativity. A creative person is able to develop new ideas and solve problems more easily through ingenious or unconventional ways.

The learning of art cultivates in the human being a sensitivity that leads him to develop a very solid ethical way of life.

According to the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity, it is stated that cultural diversity is a common heritage of humanity because "it is as necessary for mankind as biological diversity for living organisms... and must be recognized and consolidated for the benefit of present and future generations.

Art and Mind